Ramdung's Management

Employee of Ramdung are the heart and soul for this organisation. They have been building the base of this organisation  for more than twenty years. Their devotion, enthusiasm and love for their work has helped Ramdung to be the brand in Tourism Industry.

Ramdungs team has been working for only one goal and i.e. to make feel our guests from all around the world at home. 

Ramdung firmly believes that the success of a institution mainly depends on development of employee both intellectually and with skills. Ramdung always work for development of employee because we say Ramdung and our team is synonyms and translates quality service to our clients.

In-House Management Team

Raju Lama Dong (Managing Director)

Chandra Dong Lama (Human Resource Manager )

Wangdel Tamang (Marketing Asistant)

Saila Tamang


Sherpas\Climbing Guides of Ramdung

Domi Sherpa

Phurba Sherpa

Nima Tashi Sherpa

Kaila Tamang

Rinji Sherpa

“Mountaineering evokes the adventure within"


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