Mountaineering at Tibet

Tibet Autonomous Region of China is considered to be the “roof of the world”  because of the fact that the average total land plateau is of 4500 meters along with Everest, sharing with Nepal in the Border. To Tibet’s north & east lies China, to south lies Nepal “Himalaya country”, and to west lies Kashmir another mountainous region- it is also a disputed land between Pakistan and India.Tibet is famous for its mountains like Everest North Col, Gosainthan known as Mount Shishapangma, Cho Oyu Himalaya, Gurla Mandata. 

Tibet is famous destination for adventurer from all around the world. Mountaineering at Everest North Face and Cho Oyu is favorite expedition kind for climbers there. Chang Tse peak and Lakpa Ri Mountain climbing is also most attempted mountains in Tibet Mountain climbing.

Yearly hundreds of climbers from around the world goes to Tibet via Nepal for summit-ting mountains there. Mountaineers select the route via Nepal to Tibet  because of  quick reach to mountains in Tibet making the travel shorter saving physical strength, money and time for Tibet Mountain climbing.

Mountains of Tibetan Plateau

Mount Cho Oyu

Mount Shishapangma

Mount Gurla Mandata

Mount Changtse

Mount Lakpa Ri

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