Mountains of Tibet

Mount Everest North Col

Tibet and Nepal mutually share the Everest in the border. 8848 m lies in Nepal. Mountaineering Everest from Tibet is as much tough than climbing from Nepal Side

Mt. Gurla Mandata

Gurla Mandata standsĀ 7694 meter high. Mountaineering at this mountain is famous as it is listed at 34th highest mountaineering mountain among mountains.

Lhakpa Ri Expedition

Lhakpa Ri is stands 7045 meter. It lies about 7 km away and north east of Mount Everest. It is famous as it is considered to be highest among trekking peaks.

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Mountains of Nepal

Eight Thousander Mountain

Nepal has 8, eight-thousander mountains for climbing. Mount Everest lies here. Toughest mountain to climb like Cho Oyu lies here.

Seven Thousander Mountain

7000 meter mountains are popular in Nepal for climbing, like Annapurna II and Nuptse Yearly, thousands of adventurer come to climb these mountains

6000m Peaks of Nepal

6ooo meter Peaks are divided into category A, B and C according to the difficulty level. Chulu West is ‘A’, Chulu East ‘B’ and Chulu Far East is ‘C’.


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